Ferretti is one of the world’s largest direct selling company*. We manufacture and distribute Luxury, Healthcare & Lifestyle products, which are exclusively sold in 100 countries through Ferretti Independent Business Owners (IBOs).


To ensure our loyal members to enjoy our luxury massage chair products called MAJESTIC PRO by Ferretti an italy based brand, A sole  creation from Italy design.

Our aim is to have wider Distribution of the premium massage chair to all user with easier payment scheme and to get back the product free of charge. As well as to recruit members with a rewarding Commission payable to successful recruiter for earning extra income while providing free chair massage services to their clients.

A win-win solution for each member to get free product with monthly fixed ROI, With available membership now you can be an ambassador and start your own team to earn separately apart from ROI.


Become a member
  • Enjoy FREE massage chair instantly by just joining as member.
  • Members with immediate will enjoy a discounted price for Ferretti – Majestic PRO selling at 18,800 aed.
  • While enjoying a free chair, member who decide to introduce to friend or colleagues can also earned extra Income. He can call our Ambassador to assist to closed the membership joining only.
  • Members can cater free services with the new chairs to their respective clients or a minimal charges for 10-15 minutes services usage if they want too.
  • Members are also entitled to earn extra more if their 1st referral managed to get another member joining him.
  • If the active member are willing to aggressive to recruit more members, he/she will entitled for a Director membership title to get additional income & status.

There are 2 Business Models to start the initiatives.

1. Marketing to recruit service merchants & corporate segments

2. To utilize Ambassador workforce on personal attribution.

The 1st Direct Marketing Plan in GCC, probable in The World with Free exclusive Massage chair is given to members who signed up immediately. No hidden cost charges while you can earn extra income.

There will be more new products once the implementation starts and also the RENT TO OWNED Concept.

WE will charge an initial fees of security deposit of 9,000 aed (2,500 usd) to join our membership payable in cash or credit card.

WE encourage for usage of EPP for all credit card user with our arrangement with the local banks for installments. Normal charges is only 1.75% for EPP.

WE will provide 1 exclusive Ferretti chairs to the member upon receiving the payment which the SRP is at 18,800 aed (5000 usd) currently.

In return, the company will honored a payable back guarantee of 30 months to the customer by paying them monthly via TT from bank at a ratio of 300 aed (83.33 usd) per month.

There will be a 5% charges on the administration fees charges upon signing in which we will deduct from the first 3 payment of the repayment.

For this Personal segment, the opportunities for the members to earn additional income by aggressively recruiting new members to join.


Main KPI is to recruit New Membership to anyone, anywhere & anyhow.

To explain to the new member the Company Objectives, Mechanism & Benefits to members while answering the Q&A.

They represent the Company to ensure new member understand the Benefits and the process & Terms & Conditions of the applied by Company.

To prepare to answer all the Questions posed by the new member as this will build the confident for them to sign up. A 30 Frequent Ask Q&A are attached for all Ambassador to study it.

Must understand the basic of the exclusive Ferretti chair product usage & benefits & must try own self to test the goodness of it.


Step 1 – Recruiting Process

Explain full details & show the new members visual of the Mechanism.

Request new member to fill up the application form and collect the security deposit.

Request mode of payment via bank EPP, cheq or cash. Explain EPP process as well.

Step 2 – Registration Membership Process

Submit to HQ system to enable new member registration & obtain a member code to access & usage.

Ensure new member gets the new code & receipt payment back to member.

Step 3 – Next Process

Ensure member receive the Ferretti Free massage chair at home & knowhow to use.

Step 4 – Understanding The Objectives

To ensure the new member approval are under your name as referral.

This will ensure that you will receive your 1st payment of commission of 750 usd by the following month of payment scheduled.

To continue recruiting new members as many as possible via Media Social contacts, friends, referrals, canvassing & other form of communication skills.

The main key objectives here is to sell the Benefits to join as member & gets a Free chair by the members & you get MORE commission + income.

It Unlimited commission & can be oversea recruitment as well.

The Company Customer Services Dept are always ready to assist in any form which including closing the new membership if required help.


Luxury Massage Chair5000 USDFreeFree
Free Membership GiftN/A1 x Massage Chair2 x Massage Chair
Product Warranty1 Year Free1 Year Free1 Year Free
Member Security DepositN/A1875$3750$
Free Redemption Points for MembersN/A1500 Points = 1500$1500 Points = 1500$
Monthly Return Of Security Deposit | 1 - 30 Months N/A52 USD/Month114.5 USD/Month
Monthly Dividend Profit | 30th - 36th MonthN/A52 USD/Month114.5 USD/Month
Dividend ProfitN/AN/A10%
First Level Referral RewardN/A7%7%
Second Level Referral RewardN/A2%2%
Third Level Referral RewardN/A1%1%
Free Signup Redemption Points 100 points = 100$100 points = 100$100 points = 100$
Refer a Free Signup & Get Redemption Points 10 points = 10$10 points = 10$10 points = 10$



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